The Certified Equity Market Expert (CEME) thrives to impart comprehensive yet legible knowledge and understanding of the complex functions, techniques and strategies of investing and trading in Equity markets. Considering the fact that the Indian Equity market is predicted to become the 5th largest equity market of the World while the Indian economy to be the fastest growing economy of the world, it becomes integral for all finance enthusiasts to attain thorough understanding of Equities markets in order to be able to exploit maximum gains arising out of such growth cues. Therefore looking at this status quo, the CEME equips individuals with first-hand knowledge for kick-starting investments in Equity market and relevant investment fields.

The essence of CEME lies in the end-to-end guidance which it provides through its 3-way training method i.e. knowledge building, strategy formulation and sustainable execution. It develops the qualitative and quantitative analytical skills enabling effective decision making. The course extensively course foundational topics like Forward, Futures and Options, Market Environment and Operations, Investment Psychology, to name a few, coupled with Advanced topics like Advance Equity research, Fibonacci study, Elliot waves, Oscillators study, Fundamental and Technical Analysis. CEME further adds value through training on Behavioural trading, Decision Making Model, Emotions Management and Structured Products as well. In a nutshell, CEME helps you explore every possible avenue available in Equity Market to really make you the ‘jack of all trades’!


Key Features

OMLET- Global School of Investment Banking & Wealth Management presents a comprehensive advanced course on Equity Market Expert for:-

  • Investors, traders, working professionals, analyst, dealers, students and anyone who aspires to trade or invest in stock markets or  manage portfolio of others.
  • The main aim of the programme is to develop domain knowledge expertise in quantitative and qualitative analytical skills so as to trade or invest profitably.
  • Course offers a concrete understanding of the Equity Cash as well as Future and Options Market.
  • To give an understanding to the multiple ways to analyse the equity market i.e. fundamentally as well as technically.
Technical- (30 Hrs) Advanced (50 Hrs) C (100 hrs)
Introduction to Technical Analysis and dow theory Equity Research Accumulators & Decumulators
Basic concepts of securities markets Advanced Technical Analysis Interest Rate Swaps
Day to day Jargon of markets Options Pricing Credit Derivatives
Overview of Indices & issues Options Strategy Weather Derivatives
Candlestick charting Options Greeks ASCOT
Oscillators & Moving averages Open Interest Study CDO
Need of IPOs and current IPOs Hedging Techniques Option Embedded Swaps
Elliot wave theory Risk & Money Management Cross Currency Swaps
Basics of Fundamental & Technical Analysis Financial, Technical, Statistical, Derivatives & Decision Making Models Binary Options/Digital Options
Study of Price Patterns Behavioural Trading Payoff Swaps
Entry Point & Exit Point Investment Psychology Exotic Options
Support & Resistance Analysis Market direction indicators Knock in and knock out
Fibonacci Study Barrier Options
Live Trading
  • Fundamentals of Live Software
  • Dealing of Clients
  • Best buy, Best sell
  • How to detect market depth?
  • Supplementary functions
Who should pursue?
  • Investors, traders, analyst, dealers and individuals who aspire to learn and make successful careers in market investments and trading.
  • Students taking up specialisations in finance.
  • Working professionals interested in Equity and looking forward to generate and additional and lucrative source of income.
  • Individuals wishing to independently manage their investments.
Career Avenues

On completion of the CEME course a candidate would be capable to take up exciting opportunities in the following fields:

  • Dealer : Equities, Commodity, Derivative, Debt, Forex
  • Trader : Jobber, Arbitrageur, Speculator, Investor, Hedger
  • CRM : Accounts Manager, Marketing Manager, Relationship Manager, Sales Executive & Tele-Sales
  • Research Analyst : Research Associate, Fundamental Analyst, Technical Analyst, Financial Analyst, Derivative Analyst
  • Back office: Surveillance Manager, Compliance Manager, Accounts & Finance, Executive Audit
  • BDM : Business Development Manager, Portfolio Manager, Business Development Executive
  • Self Employed : Broker, Sub-broker, Fund Manager, Investment banker, Private Banking, Merchant Banking, Advisor

Do you want a successful career?